W4 New Music Collective presents Cellophilia

Cellophilia_Poster__no_textIt has been a real pleasure to work with my awesome colleagues Matt Frey, Molly Herron and Ruben Naeff on projects with our W4 New Music Collective , but by far our most succesful so far has been Cellophilia, a concert of works written exclusively for cellos (yes, I know it’s supposed to be “celli”, but that seems pretentious for some reason). The concert, which was performed at the 92Y Tribeca on June 8th, 2012, featured a pretty amazing program of works by myself, Matt Frey, Robert Karpay , Brooke Campbell, Sarah Kirkland-Snider, Michael Gordon, John Zorn, Yoav Shemesh and Steve Reich (in no particular order). The concert was a huge hit and got great reviews.

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