Freddy Malaboca's Woodland Spectacular at Exapno

Freddy Malaboca’s Woodland Spectacular premieres at Exapno 

Freddy_at_expanoSpanish performance artist Alfredo Tauste has a knack for creating the peculiar. Last year he and I worked on a short piece based around one of his especially bizarre characters, a foul-mouthed Spanish bunny named Freddy Malaboca. In September this year, as part our second W4 End of Summer concert, I was asked to create a cabaret set as part of the evening’s performance. How could I not get Alfredo on board?

I’d also been told about a cool young composer named Jesse Diener-Bennett who’d written some interesting spoken works for cabaret. Collaborating is more fun than working away on something by yourself, and so the three of us knuckled down to create a longer story about this whacko rabbit with a penchant for crudery.

The result was pretty spectacular. Literally, in fact. Freddy Malaboca’s Woodland Spectacular premiered on September 22nd at exapno in Brooklyn (a great space for emerging composers, if you’re interested!). Featuring such awesome new songs as “I Hate Everyone”, “The Boring Song”, and the the adults-only ditty, “F*** Like A Rabbit” (kids, the word under there is… um… “Funny”. Yeah, “funny”…). The premiere was made possible by the awesome musical talents of Matt Frey on clarinet, Jeremy Lowe on drums, and Lisa Dowling on the bass.

And it’s not over yet! Bouyed by our after-eleven success, Jesse, Alfredo and I are working on getting Freddy up to an hour long fiesta of lagamorphic ludicrousness. Watch this space…

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